Your Responsibilities

As one of our tenants, you are responsible for certain aspects of your tenancy.

Internal decorations and repairs

Please tell us as soon as possible if anything needs repairing in your home or in the communal areas you may share with other residents. We will keep the structure and exterior of your home and its installations (including communal areas in the case of flats) in repair.

  • Tell us as soon as possible if anything needs repairing in your home or communal area.
  • Decorate all parts of the inside of your home as often as is necessary to keep them in reasonable condition.
  • Repair or replace (or pay costs for us to repair or replace) anything that has been damaged in your home (other than fair wear and tear) by you,your family, your pets, lodgers and/or visitors, including children.
  • You are responsible for repairing and maintaining your own domestic equipment.


As a tenant, you have the sole responsible for pest control within your home. In order to reduce the chances of infestation occurring.

  • Avoid doing anything that attracts insects, pests or vermin (such as ants, cockroaches, mice, rats or pigeons).
  • Not throw food out of the windows or onto balconies.
  • Contact us as soon as you become aware of an infestation in your home or communal area.


If the Council requires access to your home to carry out inspections, repairs, gas servicing or other works, then you must allow reasonable access and you will be given at least 24 hours’ notice before we need to enter your home.

We have a legal duty to carry out annual gas safety servicing and if you fail to allow access for this work to be done, it may result in a court order being served on you.

This will provide us with access to your property without your permission and the costs  of going to court will be recharged to you along with any damage caused to gain access.

Communal areas

  • Keep all communal areas clean.
  • Not place items in the communal areas that can cause an obstruction (scooters, mopeds, rubbish etc.). 
  • Not throw items down the stairs or onto the landings.
  • Keep noise levels to a reasonable level to avoid causing nuisance to other residents.
  • Not let strangers in without checking their identification badge first.
  • Not leave open doors to communal areas.


If you have a garden it is your responsibility to look after it and ensure it is kept tidy. If your garden is overgrown we may clear it and charge you for the work. If there is good reason as to why you cannot do the work yourself please tell us and we may be able to advise you of services that can assist.

  • Keep your garden and any hedges safe and tidy.
  • Not obstruct, cause damage, nuisance or encroach on to any other property by planting large trees, hedges or bushes. If another tenant is doing this, please report it to us.
  • Not cut down or remove any trees or hedges without obtaining permission in writing.

Shared communal gardens

Selby District Council will maintain the grass or gardens in communal areas. However the number of cuts will depend on the weather. Our contractor does not use grass cutting machinery that simultaneously collects grass clippings, but they will endeavor to clear any pathways by end of the day of the grass cut.

Hedge cutting in communal areas are completed by our contractor as required. Please also note, we will not grant permission for any sheds or greenhouse, etc. on communal land.