What if my bin isn't emptied?

Every effort is made to ensure that bins are emptied on the correct day but sometimes there are external factors that may disrupt this service.

Missed bins must be reported to us within 2 working days of your scheduled collection. We will not return to missed bins reported after this time and you will need to wait until your next scheduled collection. 

If your bin hasn’t been emptied, please check the following:

  • Your bin was presented for collection by 7am on the correct day. Find out your collection date here
  • Your bin wasn’t too heavy, overfull or contained the wrong materials. Find out what you can and can't put in your bins here
  • The collection crews left a sticker / hanger on your bin to explain why it wasn’t emptied. 

When none of the above reasons apply, we will request that your bin is emptied the following working day. For missed collections reported to us on a Friday, this will be the following Monday.

To report a missed bin please contact us on 01757 705101 or info@selby.gov.uk.

Access problem 

Sometimes, we may have problems emptying your bin. Factors such as parked cars, roadworks or closed roads can create access difficulties which will prevent our vehicles from entering the road. When this is the case, we will return to the area with access problems twice within that day to try and empty your bins. If access is still a problem we will try and return again before you next scheduled collection. 

Extra waste

We will not take any extra waste that is left beside your grey, green or blue bin - we are confident that the bins provided have enough capacity for your waste and recycling. 

We will however take extra paper and cardboard. If you have extra brown recycling, please ensure it is left at the side of your brown bin. You can also request bigger bins if needed by emailing info@selby.gov.uk


We will continue to help those, especially larger families, who are recycling as much as they can and still have too much waste for one wheeled bin. We will provide help and advice on waste minimisation and in certain circumstances a larger bin will be provided. Find out more about extra waste here.