What if my bin isn't emptied?

Report a missed bin

Every effort is made to ensure that bins are emptied on the correct day but sometimes there are external factors that may disrupt this service. There are generally five reasons for a bin not to be emptied.

Non-present bins

This is where a bin has not been put out for collection:

  • by 7.00am
  • on the correct day, or
  • subsequent days if the contractor has been unable to empty the bins due to a problem

Our contractors report the addresses of houses that do not have a grey wheeled bin out on collection day. When this is the case, we will not return to empty your bin. If you miss your collection day we will not take any extra waste the following week. Instead, you can take your waste to the household waste and recycling centres in Selby and Tadcaster.

Incorrect items in bin

If the bin is too heavy, overfull or contains items that cannot be put in the vehicle, eg rubble, soil, large pieces of metal or gas bottles, we will attach a sticker to the wheeled bin. You must remove these items from the bin before we will empty it.

Please remember that if you live in an area covered by the Garden Greens collection scheme, you can no longer put any green waste in your refuse bin. If you put green waste in your bin, your bin will not be emptied and you will need to remove the green waste before your next collection.

Access problem

Sometimes, we may have problems emptying your bin. Outside factors such as parked cars or roadworks can create access difficulties and our vehicle may not be able to enter your road. Where this is the case, we will return to the area with the access problem twice within that day to try and empty the bins. Where access is still not available, we will try and return the next day. If access is still not available we will arrange an alternate collection.

Vehicle breakdown

If a refuse vehicle has broken down or if the landfill site closes due to bad weather conditions, we may not be able to complete our collections for that day. When this is the case we will return to complete the work the following day. Where possible we will let all local Councillors know about any problems. Unfortunately we are not able to let all affected households know about any problems.

Missed through no reason

When none of the other reasons apply we will request that your bin is emptied the following working day. For missed collections reported to us on a Friday, this will be the following Monday.

If your bin hasn't been emptied please contact us on 01757 705101 or info@selby.gov.uk.

Provision of wheeled bins

Wheeled bins were first introduced in our District in 1988 and there is a charge for all new or replacement bins.

New properties

If you are moving to a new development where there are more than 3 properties your developer will pay for all the refuse and recycling containers. If you are moving to a new development where there are less than 3 properties you will need to pay.

The payment for your bin includes the price of the bin, delivery and administration costs.

A new 240 litre wheeled bin costs £30.00

A second-hand 240 litre wheeled bin costs £18.00

Moving house

If you are moving house you should leave your bin behind. If you move to a house that does not have a bin you will need to pay for one.

Damaged bins

If your bin has become damaged over time due to normal wear and tear you will need to pay for a replacement.