What do I do with my bin? (Garden Greens)

How do I take part in the scheme and what do I have to do?

Step 1: Put your green garden waste into the green bin. A list of what can and cannot be composted using the scheme is shown below.

Step 2: Put your green bin out where you put your black/grey wheeled bin (unless you are told otherwise) on your collection day. It needs to be at the boundary of your property and the public highway.

Step 3: Once a fortnight we will empty your bin and take it to a local farm for composting. You can then fill up your bin again.

How often is my bin collected?

The Garden Greens collection is fortnightly. Your collection calendar will show your collection day. Please contact the Recycling Helpline if you need a copy of the collection calendar.

When is my collection day?

Please follow this link to view your collection days.

Can I have help with my green bin?

Yes. We realise that some residents may find it difficult to take their bins and boxes to their boundary and so we offer an assisted collection service to help with this. If you would like some help, please contact us and we will send you a request form.

How do I get a bin?

Please contact us to arrange for a bin to be delivered