What can I put in my bin? (Garden Greens)

Garden Greens
Yes please No thank you
Grass cuttings Food waste including meat, fish and vegetable peelings
Weeds Soil and rubble
Plants and flowers Stones
Straw Glass
Hedge clippings Plastics
Leaves and bark Plastic bags
Small prunings Metal
Small branches (up to 4cm thick) Treated wood including fence parts
  Animal faeces/Bedding

Why can't I put vegetable peelings in the bin?

After the Foot and Mouth and BSE scares, strict rules to minimise the risk of disease have been introduced governing the types of waste that can be composted and used on farms.

These rules require that any kitchen waste that is meat or could have come into contact with meat be treated in a special way under very high temperatures. Therefore no kitchen waste can be taken.

This scheme will provide benefit to local farmers, we do not want them to be put at any risk so please be responsible and only put Garden Greens into the bin.

What will happen if I put the wrong thing in the Garden Greens bin?

Before each bin is emptied the collection crew will check the bin. If it contains something that cannot be composted they will not empty it. They will fix a sticker to the bin lid telling you which items cannot be composted. You will need to remove the items before we will empty it. If you contaminate your bin 3 times we will remove the bin. If you have any questions about what can and can't be composted please ring the Recycling Team on 01757 705101

I had a contamination sticker put on my bin - what should I do?

The sticker was put on your bin because it contained items that cannot be composted. The sticker will tell you which items - please remove these items and put your bin out for emptying on the next collection day shown in your calendar.

What can I do with extra waste?

We cannot take extra Garden Greens because the plastic sacks will contaminate the material going to the local farms. If you have extra waste every fortnight, you can arrange to have a second Garden Greens bin emptied. This service costs £26.00 per year (£1 per collection). If you would like an additional bin, please contact us.

You can also take garden waste to the Household Waste and Recycling Centres on Canal Road in Selby and Station Road in Tadcaster, where the material will also be sent for composting.