Welcome to our recycling and waste service

These pages will tell you everything you need to know about recycling and waste.  We’ll tell you what you can recycle and where, what happens to your waste when we collect it and how you can reduce how much waste you produce.

We collect waste from over 37,000 properties in Selby district every week.  That’s a lot of rubbish! 

We use a contractor to carry out waste collections.  The current contract is with Amey Plc.

We operate a alternate weekly collection service.  This means that one week recycling is collected from three 55 litre kerbside recycling boxes and then on the same day the next week we collect garden waste from a 240 litre green wheeled bin, and any non-recyclable waste from a 240 litre grey wheeled bin.

Collections start from 7am so please ensure your bins and boxes are out at your presentation point in time on your collection day.  Please make sure you bring your bins and boxes back in as soon as possible after collection so they don't cause an obstruction to others.

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This is your refuse and recycling collection calendar.

New recycling service coming from Spring 2020 

From spring 2020, we’re changing the way we collect your recycling. We're not changing the type of materials, we're just changing the containers you put your recycling in so you have more room to recycle.
You'll  receive two new 240 litre wheeled bins. These will replace your current recycling boxes. We’ll be giving out these new wheelie bins in the new year. You can start using them from the end of March. In the meantime, please continue to use your existing boxes for all your recycling.

Some more information about the new service

The new blue wheelie bin will be for glass, cans and plastic. The new brown wheelie bin will be for paper and cardboard.  Don't worry, we’ll attach some info to your new bins to tell you what can go in them. 

We’ll be reviewing our recycling and waste collections rounds too. This will mean some areas could see a different collection day. We’ll send you details of any changes directly to your home.  

Please continue to use your existing service for now.

Special collection arrangements 

Some of you have special arrangements for your collections. For example in flats with shared recycling collections. We’ll contact you directly about how your new service will work.