View applications (Public access)

Looking at planning applications

You can use the Public Access system to look at planning applications.  It’s important to remember that if you make comments, then your name and address will be included in information that other people can see.

We need to tell you a few things about Public Access before you use it.

  • All the plans and drawings are protected by copyright.  You can download or print copies to look at in more detail, but you shouldn’t share these.  If you want to print off more than one copy then you’ll need to get permission from the person who put in the application.
  • Sometimes we may not publish all the information about an application if we believe it is confidential.
  • Everyone can see what’s on the site, so please be considerate in your comments.  Things that are defamatory or that could be prejudicial will be removed.
  • The site only includes material that’s available electronically.  For obvious reasons this means that some documents may not be available.   

Some of the documents on the site are very large and may take a while to download.

If you think any of the information on here is not correct then please tell us.

You can also visit our customer contact centre to look at applications.

Making comments on planning applications

You can use Public Access to comment.  All comments need to be relevant to the application process for them to be considered.

People whose applications have been refused can appeal against this decision.  There’s a ‘fast track’ appeal which means it goes straight to an independent Planning Inspector.  If this happens you won’t get a further chance to comment and the Inspector will only look at the original comments.  If there’s an appeal but no fast track process, then you’ll be given another chance to comment.

Finding out decisions about applications

We publish decisions about applications when they are made.  You can find out if an application has been accepted or refused.  We also publish the reasons why.  All of this information is included on Public Access.