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To report an accident please use the form below.  Complete and return either via email to or by post.  An accident should be reported to the Licensing Section with 72 hours of occurrence. 

Accident Form

Licensed vehicles can only be driven by holders of 'Private Hire' or 'Hackney Carriage' drivers licence.

Vehicles must be licensed if they are hired with a driver for any reward (i.e. money, business benefit), unless they are being used solely in connection with a wedding or a funeral.

A Private Hire Vehicle cannot pick up off a Taxi rank, cannot be flagged down in the street.  They can only undertake pre-booked jobs from a Private Hire Operator.

Licence Plates

When the application has been processed by the Licensing Team and the vehicle becomes 'licensed' it will be issued with licence plates. These must be clearly displayed at all times in the correct place. The large licence plates must be securely attached to the back of the vehicle, and the small licence plate must be fixed in a position easily visible to passengers. In addition, Private Hire vehicles will be given a second licence plate for the front of the vehicle.

Loss or damage to the plates must be reported immediately at the licensee's expense. No hiring contract is to be entered into without a licence plate affixed to the vehicle.

Vehicle Inspection:

Please be aware these applications are 3 page documents and should be fully completed before paying at the Access Centre, Selby.

Grant of Private Hire Checklist & Application (Annual)                         

Renewal of Private Hire Checklist & Application (Annual)                    

Renewal of Private Hire Checklist (4 & 6 Mthly)                


Grant of Hackney Carriage Checklist & Application (Annual)

Renewal of Hackney Carriage Checklist & Application (Annual)

Renewal of Hackney Carriage Checklist (4 & 6 Mthly)

As of the 1st January 2017 it will be down to yourselves to make sure that your vehicle is booked in and tested with Watson's MOT & Service Centre up to 6 weeks before the expiry of the vehicle licence.  To book in the test you will first need to pay for your application and test at the Access Centre, Selby.  They will issue you with a receipt showing the registration of your vehicle. Please then ring Watsons Garage on 01757 213650 to book the test date and quote the payment reference number at this time. You will need to show the payment receipt to Watson's on the date of the test also.


Watsons are also able to offer you a MOT test at the same time as your vehicle test for an additional £25.00, made payable to direct to Watsons on the day of the test.

Duration of Vehicle Licence:

Vehicle between 0-5 years old - 1 year

Vehicle between 5-7 years old - 6 months

Vehicle 7+ years old - 4 months

Hackney Carriage


  • A completed pass test certificate from Watson's MOT & Test Centre
  • A completed Application form
  • Application Fee
  • MOT certificate
  • V5 documents

2018/19 - Fees Hackney Carriage Vehicle:

Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence - £201.30

Vehicle Test - £71.30

4/6 month test fee - £58.30

Retest - £30.20

Failure to appear for a test (non-cancellation) - payment of the £58.30 will not be refunded.

Hackney Carriage rigid external plate (including VAT) - £21.80 (Rear only)

Internal Plate (including VAT) - £6.80

2018/19 - Fee's Private Hire Vehicle:

Private Hire Vehicle Licence (including test fee): - £187.80

4/6 month test fee - £58.30

Retest - £30.20

Failure to appear for test (non-cancellation) - £58.30 will not be refunded.

Private Hire Plates (including VAT) - £6.80 (Internal)

Window screen disc - £18.20 (Executive Hire)

Rigid Plates - £30.20 (External front and rear - £15.10 each) 

Meter Rates