Tree Preservation Orders

Trees may be protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) or other legal procedures to make sure that they are not lost or damaged needlessly. We can issue a TPO for specific trees. If a tree is protected by a TPO our consent is required before any works are carried out. Trees located in conservation areas also require consent for works to be carried out.

To check whether a tree is protected by a tree preservation order you can use our online interactive map here. Please note - the Tree Preservation Order (TPO) datasets are indicative only and any queries should be sent to

To check if a tree is within a conservation area you can use our online interactive heritage map here.

If you wish to carry out works to trees covered by a TPO or is within a conservation area please view our forms and guidance notes here.

Useful External Links

The Planning Portal contains information on tree preservation orders.

The GOV.UK website also has guidance on tree preservation orders.