Town Centre Revitalisation Grants FAQ’s

Before making an application

Am I eligible?

Please see the Town Centre Revitalisation Grants Policy and webpage for details. If you are still unsure, please contact

Is there a deadline to apply?

For the current round of funding you will need to apply by 1st December 2022 and we will aim to award all grants by March 2023. Please be aware funding is awarded on an application by application basis therefore we recommend submitting applications as soon as you have the information required as otherwise funding may run out. 

Why do you need all the supporting evidence?

With limited funds, we would like to ensure that they are distributed to the projects that will make the most difference. Sadly, we also need to ensure we prevent possible fraud.

What can I apply for?

Please see the grants Policy, application guidance, and FAQs for details. If you are still unsure, please contact

How much information do you need when I complete the application?

We aim to ensure that the amount of information that we request is proportionate to the amount of the funding applied for. For larger grants, we want to know more about how you will measure the impact of your project, your experience of helping people, and the people involved with your project. If you are applying for Class A grants, we would expect to see a good understanding of your project with supporting evidence. For Class B grants, we would expect to see a good and detailed understanding with thorough supporting evidence.

Is funding available only for new projects or will you provide funding for ongoing projects?

We can provide funding for new projects or where the project enhances or renews existing activity. We cannot provide funding for an activity that has already taken place though so if you are applying for ongoing costs, please be clear about the dates of the funding period and allow plenty of time for a decision to be made. Otherwise: We will only provide funding for new projects.

We are part of a national organisation. Can we apply?

National organisations are not eligible for this grant. However, if you are a separate group that comes under the umbrella of a national organisation, we can consider your application if you have your own governing document, your own local management committee and are responsible for your own accounts. An example of this might be a local branch of the MS Society.

Private organisations that run primarily for private gain or to generate profits for private distribution, or any activities that generate profits for private gain are not eligible for this grant.

We will not fund organisations that have already received grant payments that equal the maximum levels of subsidy permitted under the Government’s subsidy controls including any grant funding that is in contravention of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement 2021. See Section 7 of the policy for further details.

We will not fund organisations that are in the administration, are insolvent, or where a striking-off notice has been made. If the grant recipient is or becomes insolvent or is placed into receivership, administration, or liquidation, or a petition has been presented for its winding up, or it enters into any arrangement or composition for the benefit of its creditors, or it is unable to pay its debts as they fall due the Council will endeavour to recover funds and associated assets.

When will Selby and Tadcaster grants be available?

Grants for Selby and Tadcaster will become available when budget, resources, and opportunity allow in 2022 or 2023. Please keep checking our website or ask to be kept informed at

Making an application

How much money should I ask for?

Please ask for what you need within the criteria for the fund. You will not be penalised for requesting the maximum amount available, but you must be clear about what you need. Please remember that you cannot apply again if you overspend.

Do I have to provide match funding?

Match funding is not vital, but you should be able to show how you will contribute additional resources or funds to the project.

What can I spend the money on?

The grant can be used to help fund your projects:

  • staff salaries
  • project activities
  • running costs
  • refurbishment
  • equipment
  • organisational development
  • Irrecoverable VAT

We grant can't be used to fund:

  • proposals from organisations that are run primarily for private gain or to generate profits for private distribution, or any activities that generate profits for private gain
  • religious activity (although we can fund religious organisations if their project benefits the wider community and doesn’t include religious content)
  • activities that replace government or statutory funding
  • activities that benefit individuals, rather than the wider community
  • political activities
  • retrospective costs
  • loan repayments
  • recoverable VAT
  • projects which have already commenced or where funding has already been committed
  • ongoing running and maintenance costs

Do I need to supply quotes?

Yes, you will need to provide quotes.

Why do I need to speak to an assessor?

We need to ensure that we fully understand how your project works so that we can communicate this to the panel making decisions on the allocation of funding. We need to be able to evaluate the strengths of your project in relation to other applications received.

I need help completing the form. What do I do? 

Please contact For other information on how to get support please see our community grants page

During the Project

My grant application has been successful. When will I receive the funds?

If you are successful, you will be given a date to provide all agreements / contractual arrangements and to confirm your commitment to the project. Once this is provided, your payments will be made in accordance with the agreement with the Council. The Council will determine the frequency and amount as appropriate to your project.

Our project has changed, can I change the expenditure?

It is unlikely that a significant and material change to the project will be accepted. Talk to us in advance of any issues you think may arise so we can discuss any changes. This is why a really good business plan and detailed idea of what you want to do, with a well-considered risk register will help you to deliver a successful project.

Why do you want to visit the project to monitor our progress?

We want to support you to complete your project to achieve a good outcome for our Town Revitalisation Programme.

When does the project need to be completed by?

The project should have a clear programme and date for project delivery/ completion and milestones should be listed in the application.