Tour de Yorkshire - local elections

The Tour de Yorkshire comes through the Selby district on Thursday 2 May.  This is the same day as the local elections.  The route will pass close by a number of polling stations.  We expect minimal disruption due to the race.  For all areas apart from Selby town centre the road closures will be temporary. But it's important to know which areas could be affected.

The race will come through the Selby district during the afternoon.  We expect race times will be confirmed in April.

If you're voting in one of these places, it's important to note that the race passes by.

The following polling stations are on or near the race route - your polling station wil be on your poll card:

  • Balne Parish Room
  • Cawood Old Boys School
  • District Council Civic Centre
  • Coultish Centre, Selby
  • Courtyard Tearoom, Womersley
  • Cridling Stubbs Village Hall
  • Escrick and Deighton Village Hall
  • Kirk Smeaton Community Centre
  • Selby Community Centre, Scott Road
  • Selby Rugby Club
  • Stillingfleet Village Hall
  • Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall

If you think this could affect how you vote, remember that you can also apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote.