Tour de Yorkshire 2017 - community and schools information

Practical support for your community event

For the Tour de Yorkshire 2015 and 2016, people across the Selby district held local events to celebrate the race.  If you're looking to host a community event in your area we've a useful guide to help support you in organising the event. 

Tadcrafters - need your help

Tadcrafters (a community craft group based in Tadcaster) in partnership with the Council have started an ambitious project to dress the town from head to toe in decorative craft creations. The aim is to dress to impress and make the Tadcaster race start the best dressed in Yorkshire. Whilst Tadcrafters’ hard work and efforts are making a difference to the town, more help is needed in the form of donated materials and volunteers to help make decorations for the town.

If you have any old sheets, duvet covers, tablecloths, light weight curtains or similar thickness fabric in any shade of blue, yellow or white that can be used to help with the project please donate them. Tadcrafters also need knitting yarn in the same colours. Donation stations are based at the Tadcaster Leisure Centre, The Ark (Tadcaster Town Council), Tadcaster Social Club, Selby Leisure Centre and Summit Indoor Adventure, Selby.  Alternatively you can contact Tadcrafters directly to arrange a drop off.

As well as donations, volunteers are needed to help deliver this ambitious project. So whether you’re a resident, business, cycling enthusiast, community group or school, any help that can be offered with creating bunting and land art will be hugely appreciated. Tadcrafters are particularly keen to see people at their drop-in sessions on 14 March and 11 April. You don't need to be able to sew or knit, as a suitable task will be found for you. 

Find out more if you want to help volunteer, arrange to drop off donated materials.  Follow @Tadcrafters on Twitter,  join their Facebook group ‘Tadcrafters’ or contact Su Morgan by email at

Make your community stand out from the crowd

Dress to impress and get involved in Welcome to Yorkshire’s land art competition.

Volunteering - Tour Maker

Want to do your bit and get involved in the tour? Why not volunteer and become a Tour de Yorkshire Tour Maker

Information for schools

Race organisers, Welcome to Yorkshire, have produced a support pack for teachers.  This provides a wealth of useful background information on the Tour de Yorkshire.  The pack is designed for teachers,community groups and parents of young people aged from 7 to 14.

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