Tenant Review form

We are currently reviewing our tenancy records to make sure all your household details and contact details are up to date.


Please name each person in the household, including the tenant.

For each person you must include:

  1. Name
  2. Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms)
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Relationship to tenant
  5. Status (married or single)


Please show here the name of any person(s) who normally live with you, but who have recently left your address.

I certify that the above details are correct and I will inform the Housing Tenant Services Team Leader in writing immediately of any changes in these circumstances. I am aware that if I wish to accept a lodger, or lodgers, to live at this address, I must first obtain written permission from my Neighbourhood Officer.

I/We hereby give consent to Selby District Council to request, disclose and share information with other organisations and statutory bodies in respect of my tenancy in order to effectively carry out its housing management function.

I/We understand that information will only be exchanged between organisations that are party to the Data Protection Act 1988 or a person appointed by myself/ourselves to deal with matter relating to my/our tenancy agreement.