Tenant Participation

Tenant participation is your way of getting involved, helping to shape the housing services you receive. We always welcome new tenants and leaseholders to join us in sharing their views and opinions.

There are many ways that you can get involved whether it be attending meetings or receiving on-line surveys. Listed on this page are the many ways that you can get involved. 

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Meet your Tenant Participation Officer

Matthew Brown is the Council’s new Tenant Participation Officer and a key part of his role will be working with tenants and leaseholders to help you become more involved in the decisions made about the Council housing services that you receive. 

You’ll see Matthew at a range of community events engaging with tenants and leaseholders and supporting resident groups. 

If you want to get involved or have a question for Matthew you can contact him by...

Please find our copy of our Menu of Engagement stating the different oppertunities available to our tenants and leaseholders to get involved.


Tenant Participation Strategy 2020 - 2023

Selby District Council have recently approved a new commitment to tenant engagement throughout the Selby District. This strategy has been developed by tenants who worked in partnership with the council setting out how over the next three years, we will look to further cement and improve our relationships with tenants across all areas.

Over the next three years, we will continue to provide engagement methods which meet our tenants modern days needs including more new diverse and modern approaches. Whilst maintaining our traditional methods to allow all to participate.

To read the full Tenant Participation Strategy and agreed action plan, please see them below;

Tenant Participation Strategy 2020 - 2023

Action Plan 2020 - 2023

Here's how you can get involved and have your say...

Scrutiny Panel

The primary role of the Scrutiny Panel will be to provide an independent resident scrutiny of our housing services and scrutinise performance aimed at improving services for our customers.

The Scrutiny Panel also reviews good practice, highlighting what is good about the organisation and what needs to change, makes evidenced-based recommendations to the our management team and reports to councillors.

Go to our scrutiny panel page for more details.

Repairs and Maintenance Group

The Repairs and Maintenance group is made up of tenants that meet as and when with members of our property services team and housing management to look at areas of topic and provide recommendations leading to the  improvement and development in how we deliver our housing services. This group reports their findings to the Scrutiny Panel.

Go to our Repairs and Maintenance Group page for more details.

Flaxley Road Tenant and Resident Associations (TARAs)

The resident working group meet monthly at local community centres. Our neighbourhood officers often attend these meetings, along with other local agencies and businesses in the area, to discuss local issues. The groups will continue to run to meet the neighbourhood and community standard.

The Flaxley Road Tenants and Residents Association was formed in April 2002 to tackle the issues raised by people who live on the estate. The group has worked with the local community, Selby District Council, the police, AVS and other agencies to bring about benefits for the area. The Flaxley Road Tenants and Residents Association meet at the Coultish Centre, Charles Street, Selby. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month.

Local Tenants Groups

We are also keen to offer local tenants the oppertunity to raise local concerns and matters within an informal environment where they feel comfortable. We aim to hold these groups every 2-3 months depending on each groups wishes.

A list of local tenant groups are the following:

  • Byram
  • Eggborough
  • South Milford
  • Sherburn in Elmet

Estate walkabouts

An estate walkabout is an important way of finding out what our residents and tenants think of the service, and what we can do to improve communities. This also give the tenants the opportunities to raise and report any local concerns such as empty properties, graffiti in the area or other local concerns. 

We organise walkabouts covering each of the following geographical areas: Abbots Road, Flaxley Road, Byram, Sherburn in Elmet, Tadcaster. 

You can find out about the time, date and location of estate walkabouts in Open Door, our tenants newsletter, Selby District Council Facebook & Twitter pages and our designated Estate Walkabout page for more additional information and feedback from each Estate Walkabout.

The estate walkabouts taking place this year are listed here

Online Surveys

Apart from the traditional methods of engagement such as meetings, we are looking to develop the opportunity for our tenants to voice their opinions in a method which suits our tenants modern day lifestyles. Therefore, we are looking for tenants who would like to be contacted via email to complete quick surveys relating to the housing service we provide.

Should you wish to get involved with these surveys or have any questions, please contact the tenant participation officer using the above contact details.

Editorial Panel - Open Door Newsletter

The Editorial Panel works with us to ensure your Open Door magazine contains the information you need and keeps you up to date about our work. Much of this is carried out by email or over the telephone, with occasional meetings. To get involved please email communications@selby.gov.uk or call us on 01757 705101 and ask to speak to Leanne to find out more. 

Disability Focus Group

Issues related to disabilities in relation to housing can be raised through local panel meetings or by contacting the Selby District Disability Forum.