Tenant Home Insurance

Many tenants believe that we automatically insure their furniture, belongings and decorations against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage such as burst pipes.

This is not the case.

Unfortunately, some tenants only realise this after the damage has been done. We make it easy for you to ensure your belongings are under a special household contents insurance scheme. The insurance is arranged with Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc and is available only to Selby District Council customers.

There are 2 cover levels for you to decide what cover suits you from as little as 51p a week with no excess to pay should you need to make a claim. 


  • Most of your household goods and contents including pedal cycles and computer equipment are insured when in your home.
  • They are covered against loss or damage caused by specific events such as theft, fire and flood.
  • Also insured are lost or stolen keys, freezer contents, your own legal liability to the public and the cost of alternative accommodation.
  • Improvements you have made to your home such as fitted kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, laminate flooring, patio doors etc (but not greenhouses or conservatories).

Simple +

  • All the cover of Simple
  • But includes Accidental Damage Cover 

You also have the option to add cover for Personal Belongings, Hearing Aids or Wheelchairs to Simple or Simple+.

Application form and additional information

If you are interested or want further information please click on the link below. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will be happy to send out an information pack in the post or telephone RSA direct on 0345 6718172

Tenants Insurance Scheme - Application Form

Tenants Insurance Scheme - Additional Infomation

Policy Wording

Lodgers Insurance

You must tell your landlord and insurer that you are going to let your spare bedroom to a lodger before doing so, but your Tenants Contents Insurance Policy will continue to insure you. Your Tenants Contents Insurance Policy will not cover your lodger’s possessions.

Therefore, your lodger would need to take out a separate contents policy through your landlords insurance scheme separately for their own contents in their own name, even if they have a small amount of contents, we would not cover the contents for all individuals jointly under one policy. Your landlord has negotiated on your behalf changes to the cover provided under your Tenants Contents Insurance Policy to allow you to take in a lodger.

In addition, your policy will not provide cover for damage caused by Theft or Malicious damage unless there is evidence that force and violence has been used to get into or out of your home and while the home is lent, let or sub‐let to anyone other than the family unless force and violence has been used to get into or out of the home.

Find out how taking in a lodger would affect your home insurance:

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