Tenant agreements and handbook

This handbook contains important information explaining clearly what you can expect from us as your landlord and your rights and responsibilities as our tenant. It also includes useful information on a variety of topics to help you make the most of your tenancy with us.

If you would like to have a bigger say in the management of your home and neighborhood, there are lots of ways to get involved. These participation options can be found on page 26 of the handbook.
Please get in touch – we really do want to hear from you.
If you would like to request a paper copy please contact us by completing the online form.
You can review our relevant tenancy agreements to ensure you understand what our expectations are as a landlord. We have two types of tenancies, these are: 

Introductory and Secure Fixed Term Tenants

Introductory and Secure Lifetime Tenants

If you have any questions about the relevant tenancy agreement, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer.