Taxi licensing policy - special note

Selby’s current taxi licensing policy came into effect on the 23 January 2020.  The new policy has superseded the whole of the previous policy.

The agreement of the new policy followed a consultation between December 2018 until February 2019.  During the consultation, letters were sent to advise about the consultation to a number of individuals and organisations.  The consultation was also publicised on this website.

The new policy has introduced our intention to implement a list of wheelchair accessible vehicles under Section 165 of the Equality Act 2010.  To ensure the safety of the travelling public we've increased our standard of what a wheelchair accessible vehicle is.  We expect it'll take some time to have a list of these new standard vehicles.

We've stipulated that all new hackney carriage vehicles to the fleet are required to be wheelchair accessible as per the new standard.

We're not requiring existing hackney carriage vehicles to be changed.  Although we've introduced a vehicle age limit.  So the fleet as it stands today is likely not to change for some time.  If drivers do wish to change the vehicle then the new vehicle must be wheelchair accessible by our new standard.  It's phased in this way so that it doesn't impose an onerous financial burden on the trade.

If drivers continue to use their current vehicle which was previously classed as wheelchair accessible under the old policy but are unable to provide the required documentation to show that the vehicle reaches the Council’s new standard, the vehicle will not be classed as wheelchair accessible.  Therefore it wouldn't make the Section 165 list we want to produce.  The driver must then ensure that their insurance still covers the vehicle to allow them to continue to take wheelchairs.

Overall the change of policy regarding hackney carriages has been brought in to ensure that there are more wheelchair accessible vehicles of a recognised safety specification available to anyone who wishes to use the service.  The list of wheelchair accessible vehicles is published to make it easier to specifically book one.  To give effect to raising the standard of the whole fleet in a phased programme, the Policy has changed the definition of “wheelchair accessible vehicle” and no longer permits existing hackney carriage vehicles to change to a saloon type vehicle.