Founded by the Romans and built from the same beautiful, local limestone that was used for York Minster, the historic brewery town of Tadcaster is complete with lovely shops and cafes and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. You can walk along the River Wharfe and see the town’s listed 18th century bridge, or visit the beautiful 15th century St Mary’s Church. The magnificent stained glass window, designed by William Morris & Co is believed to hold two panels created by the designer himself.

Town revitalisation

What we've done so far

Town Centre expert Chris Wade from The People and Places Partnership has carried out a range of research to look at the local use of Tadcaster Centre by businesses residents and visitors. This work will help to shape the future plans and priorities for revitalising Tadcaster town centre. 

The findings of two surveys aimed at understanding the experiences and perceptions of businesses and town centre users and meetings with stakeholders to discuss their passions will help shape longer term plans around key themes for the high street.

In October 2020 People and Places Partnership carried out two different surveys. One aimed at businesses in Tadcaster and the another at Tadcaster town centre users. The survey’s results and discussions with other stakeholders will help shape a long-term plans around Tadcaster high street.

Click here to access the resources created as part of this work so far. 

Next Steps

The ongoing work involves understanding three key elements: gathering evidence, creating partnerships, and revitalising the village centre.

The 'Forward Framework' formalises the research and thinking and includes a business plan which defines how partners will work together and will involve establishing a number of working groups to progress the plans.

If you are a local business and you would like to find out more about this project or how to get involved click here to access our contact us form