Street naming and numbering

We allocate all street names and property addresses within the district and maintain a database of all addresses, known as the Local Land and Property Gazetteer.

You can check your address online to see whether your property is correctly listed. If you think an address is not listed or is incorrectly listed, please contact us. You may want to check your address is correct on the Royal Mail Postcode Address File.


Please see our notes for the street naming and numbering service including our fees.

Add or change a house name

Where a property is known by its house number, it is possible to add a house name to the address. For example, if your property is currently known as, '7 Main Street, Selby', and you wish to include the name 'The Cottage' as part of your address, this can be officially registered by the council.

We will not usually allow the number to be removed from the address - this is because numbers are much more efficient than house names when used to find properties.

Where an existing property is already known by a name rather than a number, you can apply for that name to be changed.

We will not allow a house name where we feel that your chosen name is the same as, or too similar to the name of another property within the same town/village/settlement as your property. This is to ensure that there is no confusion (such as post delivered to wrong property) over house names.

Upon successful registration of the new name, it is your responsibility to make sure that the house name and number is displayed at the address in question. You should also ensure that everyone you correspond with (such as utility companies, NHS, DVLA etc) have with the new address.

Adding a House Name to an Existing Property - Application form

Renaming an Existing Property - Application form

Register a new development

We are the only organisation in the area which can legally and officially register new property addresses within the Selby district.

It is vital that developers work with us to arrange for new street names and official numbering schemes to be registered as soon as possible after a scheme is approved. This will ensure that by the time that the properties become occupied, the addresses will be set up and ready for use.

Failure to register with the council for an official address can cause problems including missed deliveries, failed credit checks, refusal of connections to utilities and incorrect routes using sat nav products. Extreme examples include emergency services not able to find properties or severe delays in doing so.

If your development will require the registering of new streets, please see our guidance notes below for 'Naming new streets'.

  • Small Scale Developments - For developments with less than 10 units - Application Form
  • Sites of 10+ units, all Non-Residential sites and all sites where a New Street Name is required - Application Form 

How we name new streets

When new developments need street names, developers should consider street names which are sympathetic to the area and allow for local input into the scheme. We maintain a list of potential street names which would be considered suitable for future allocation in each village in the district.

You can submit applications by post to the address on the bottom of the form or via email to

Who does the council inform of new addresses?

We supply a copy to the following organisations:-

  • Land Registry
  • BT Openreach (telephone infrastructure)
  • Northern Powergrid
  • Centrica (UK gas infrastructure)
  • Royal Mail (to allow inclusion of new addresses into their address database)