Street litter bins and dog waste bins

The Street Cleansing Service

We are responsible for street cleansing and the clearance of litter and dog fouling from all public roads and land owned by Selby District Council.  Public roads are roads that are maintained at the public expense and do not include private roads or roads on new developments which have not yet been adopted by the highway authority. 

Road Sweeping

The mechanical sweepers operate 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday and will sweep all public roads on a rolling rota.  Different types of roads are swept at different frequencies depending on their location but all residential streets will be swept on an 8 week rota. 

Litter Clearance and dog waste bins

In addition to road sweeping we have a team of mobile operatives who carry out litter picking, clear dog fouling, empty litter and dog bins, remove graffiti and clear fly tipping (the illegal dumping of rubbish).  All towns and villages will be visited by a mobile operative at least once a week.  Litter and dog bins will be emptied between once a week and twice a day depending on location and use.

We take legal action when someone is caught dropping litter, or throwing it out of vehicles. This includes paper, chewing gum, cans, bottles, waste food, food and drink containers, plastic and cigarette ends.

There is a £75 fixed penalty fine and failure to pay will result in prosecution leading to a maximum fine of £2,500 if found guilty.​

You can report incidents of littering here.

New litter and dog waste bins are generally provided by Parish and Town Councils. Details of your Local Parish or Town Council can be found here.

Needles and Drug Waste

If you find discarded syringes or other drug related waste, please contact us immediately. We will collect within one hour of receiving a report.

Please telephone:

Office Hours: 01757 705101

Emergency Out of Hours: 01653 600941

Graffiti Removal

We will only respond to reports of graffiti on Selby District Council owned land and buildings.  We aim to remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours and all other graffiti within 7 days. 

Graffiti can be reported to us here.