Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Archive

Level 1 SFRA – October 2020

The purpose of this SFRA is to collate and present the most up to date flood risk information from all sources for use by SDC to inform the preparation of Local Plans and prudent decision-making by Development Management Officers on a day-to-day basis. 

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 (October 2020)

Level 2 SFRA – January 2021

Where land outside Flood Zone 2 and 3 cannot appropriately accommodate all development, the NPPF’s Exception Test must be applied. The scope of the Level 2 SFRA is to inform the exceptions test by considering the flood risk from all sources, as well as the detailed nature of the flood characteristics and mechanisms within a flood zone including:

  • flood probability;
  • flood depth;
  • flood velocity;
  • rate of onset of flooding; and
  • duration of flood.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 (January 2021)

Level 1 SFRA - December 2015

Selby District Council has completed the Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment which will be followed shortly by a Level 2 Assessment.

Please Note

The Environment Agency is continuously monitoring and updating flood risk data, so reference should always be made to the latest published Flood Maps. Please always visit the environment agency website for more information.

When reading the SFRA and guide to Sequential Testing for Planning Applications, the Flood Risk SPD Draft is currently not adopted and cannot be given any weighting. Please discuss the current Flood Risk Sequential Test with Development Management.


Selby Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Update

Selby Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Appendix B. Level 1 SFRA Map Figures:

Figure B1 - Level 1 SFRA Sites - Potential Development Sites

Figure B2 - Topography

Figure B3 - Surface Water Bodies (Hydrological Features)

Figure B4 - Aquifer Designation Map - Bedrock Geology

Figure B5 - Aquifer Designation Map - Superficial Geology

Figure B6 - Historic Flood Events

Figure B7 - Flood Alert and Flood Warning Areas

Figure B8 - Areas Susceptible to Groundwater Flooding

Figure B9 - Groundwater Source Protection Zones

Figure B10 - Sewer Flooding

Figure B11 - Fluvial Flood Zones, Defences, Flood Storage Areas and ABDs

Figure B12 - Updated Flood Map for Surface Water

Level 1 SFRA - November 2008

The Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) which was first published in November 2007 has been updated to take account of more recent data released by the Environment Agency regarding Selby Dam and its tributaries, and to reflect the Councils emerging Core Strategy.

Please note - since the publication of the Level 1 report, the Environment Agency has issued a revised Flood Map for the River Ouse and the River Wharfe. The Environment Agency is continuously monitoring and upating flood risk data, so reference should always be made to the latest published Flood Map. Please visit the environment agency website for more information".

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) - Level 1 Report - Updated November 2008 - pdf


Barlby Village - pdf 1Mb

Brayton - pdf 1Mb

Brotherton/Byram - pdf 1Mb

Cambleforth - pdf

Carlton - pdf

Cawood - pdf

Church Fenton - pdf

Eggborough - pdf

Escrick - pdf

Fairburn - pdf

Hambleton - pdf

Hemingbrough - pdf

Kellington - pdf

Monk Fryston - pdf

Riccall - pdf 1Mb

Selby - pdf 4.8Mb

Sherburn in Elmet - pdf 1.6Mb

South Milford - pdf

Tadcaster - pdf 1.2Mb

Thorpe Willoughby - pdf

Ulleskelf - pdf

Wistow - pdf

District Wide Flood Risk Map - pdf 6.7Mb

District Wide Geology Map - pdf 1.9Mb

Internal Drainage Board Map - pdf 5.9Mb

River Catchments - pdf 1.4Mb

The previous November 2007 report may be viewed in the Core Strategy Archive.

Level 2 SFRA - February 2010

The flood risk information in the Level 1 SFRA has been used to undertake a PPS25 Sequential test and a Level 2 SFRA.

The purpose of the Sequential Test - pdf is to steer development to areas at lowest probability of flooding. Since the scale of growth required exceeds the amount of low flood risk land available, particularly in Selby, this means accommodating some development in higher flood risk areas, including a number of 'strategic development sites'.

The Level 2 SFRA - doc 6Mb provides detailed information on specific flood risk for each of the strategic development sites, including recommendations for managing and mitigating the risk.

Addendum to Level 2 SFRA and PPS25 Sequential Test

Following publication of the revised flood maps the council has reviewed the PPS25 Sequential Test previously undertaken as part of the Level 2 SFRA in order to test the findings in the light of the new data. The results are published as a seperate addendum to the PPS25 Sequential Test.

In view of the fact that a much larger area of land at the proposed Cross Hills Lane Strategic Development Site is now within Flood Zone 3 (high flood risk) the Level 2 SFRA for this site has also been reviewed. This is published as a seperate addendum to the Level 2 SFRA.

Level 1 SFRA -  November 2007

Please click on the following link to view the superseded November 2007 Level 1 Report - pdf. The report covers the following maps as listed in Appendix F: