Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Statement of Community Involvement 2020

The Statement of Community Involvement 2020 was adopted by Selby District Council on 22 September 2020 and is being implemented from 1 January 2021. This Statement of Community Involvement replaces the 2007 Statement of Community Involvement. It is accompanied with an Equality, Diversity and Community Impact Screening Assessment.

The 2020 document is the Council’s statutory planning document which sets out how the Council will meet statutory requirements for engagement and consultation in the Planning System.

The 2020 document sets out how those people and organisations with an interest in development in the area can be involved in the consideration of planning applications, the preparation of planning policy documents and in planning enforcement matters in the District of Selby.

Draft Statement of Community Involvement - November 2019 

Consultation on the Draft Statement of Community Involvement (2019) has now closed.

The draft Statement of Community Involvement (2019) is accompanied by an Equality, Diversity and Community Impact Screening Assessment. 

Comments received during the consultation will be published in due course on the Council’s website in accordance with the latest legislation, guidance and GDPR as set out in our privacy notice.

Statement of Community Involvement - 2007

The Statement of Community Involvement was adopted 6 December 2007 and explains how the Council will involve the local community, stakeholders and statutory bodies in the preparation of the Local Development Framework and also the arrangements for involving the community when considering planning applications.

A Public Examination was held in June 2007, where the Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State considered representations. Following this the Inspector prepared a report, identifying a number of minor changes that are binding upon the Council to make. These changes have been incorporated into the adopted document.

The adoption statement sets out details of where the document, the Inspector's report and the adoption statement may be inspected, and the options for anyone who is aggrieved by the SCI.

Please view below the adopted SCI and related documents: