Site Submission Form

As part of our Local Planning functions we encourage developers, landowners and the wider public to put forward potential development sites that will be considered in the Council's planning documents, such as the New Local Plan.

If you are wanting to simply carry forward a site that was submitted in the previous plan into the new Local Plan, please quote the reference for the site on this map to us; Site Submissions up to 31-03-2019. Please note that sites will not be carried over automatically and you will need to confirm to us in writing if you want your site to be considered in the new Local Plan - the deadline for carrying over sites is close of play on the 31 March 2020.

If you have a new site you wish to promote to us, please complete the form below, attaching a site location plan identifying the site in red.

Site Submission Form (Digital Version)

Site Submission Form (Print Version)

Completed forms and associated documentation can be emailed to or sent by post to:

Planning Policy Team
Selby District Council
Civic Centre
Doncaster Road

The sites will be first be assessed in the Preferred Options stage of the plan which is programmed in the local development scheme to go to the Councils executive in November 2020, so if you want your site to be included in that document please submit before the end of August 2020.

We are now unable to consider any further submissions at this stage, however, you will have the opportunity to submit further sites through the Preferred Options Consultation in early 2021.

Sites Submitted - Interactive map

Sites submitted are being considered for the new local plan and do not represent an intention of the Council to allocate or give permission to these sites.

A map of sites already submitted and their preffered use as indicated by the site promoter are available in the map below:

Site Submission Map