Site allocations development plan document (SADPD) preferred options consultation - archive

August 2013

The Council is seeking to update its database of available land through a new Call For Sites. Anyone who has previously submitted land for SADPD must resubmit their sites, otherwise the Council will assume that they are no longer available. Anyone with other new sites to offer must also complete the forms and submit their site. Please see this link. All land must be submitted by 11 October 2013.

Summer 2013

The Council has halted work on the SADPD as it focuses its attention on the Core Strategy. The Core Strategy is the parent document to SADPD so it must be completed before we can proceed any further. Once the Core Strategy is adopted, the Council can come back to its land allocations work in a new style Local Plan. See the latest Core Strategy news here. Because of the time since SADPD work was last undertaken, the revocation of the Regional Strategy, and the introduction of the NPPF, the SADPD Preferred Options has no weight. Once work resumes on land allocation, everyone who has commented upon the SADPD will be informed of the new arrangements and be invited to get involved again.

January 2012 - Please click here for a full schedule of comments received in the Preferred Options consultation.

Consultation on the SADPD Preferred Options has ended. The Council wishes to thank everyone who has submitted comments, and assures them that they will be taken in to account in the next stage of the SADPD process.

Next steps: The SADPD is the daughter document to the Core Strategy. Due to the delay in the Core Strategy, the SADPD is also delayed. Further details will be available as the Core Strategy progresses.

The SADPD is the latest document to be prepared as part of the Council's Local Development Framework that will replace the 2005 Local Plan. The SADPD follows on from the Core Strategy by taking its broad framework to find specific sites for development. The Introduction chapter of the SADPD sets out its role and purpose in detail.

On 13 September 2011 the Council approved the SADPD Preferred Options for consultation. The Preferred Options addresses the responses received to the Issues and Options consultation that took place earlier in the year, and sets out the results in the form of identifying the preferred development sites.

The Preferred Options is not the final SADPD document, but it is what the Council propose to ultimately Adopt. This consultation period is for fine-tuning, so comments are invited once again.

For information about the previous consultation (Issues and Options) please click here.

Where to view the SADPD Preferred Options


Alongside the Preferred Options paper itself are a range of supporting documents including a Sustainability Appraisal, Strategic Environmental Assessment, and Assessment under the Habitats Regulations (SA/SEA/HRA). These documents form part of the overall SADPD package and should be considered alongside the Preferred Options.

You may also find paper copies of the document at local libraries and Access Selby during normal opening hours.

Copies are available to purchase for £20 (inc P+P). Please make cheques payable to Selby District Council, write "Policy Team SADPD purchase" together with your address on the reverse, and send them to the address below.

Making a comment on the SADPD Preferred Options

Formal Consultation is an integral part of planning policy development. It will involve a ten-week period of consultation with partners and stakeholders. If you would like to make a comment on the Preferred Options, please write stating your response and the reason for making it, and any changes that you would like to overcome any objections, to:

Policy Officer
Selby District Council
Doncaster Road

Or e-mail

Consultation begins on 22 September 2011, and ends at 5pm on Friday 02 December 2011. Please note that your personal details may be published alongside your comments.

For an informal discussion about the SADPD please telephone 01757 292 092. Any comments made on the telephone must be followed up in writing if they are to be considered.

Additional Information

The SADPD is not prepared in isolation. It follows on from the Core Strategy which is also supported by a range of background information, available here.

You may also like to read the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Future Steps

Following the consultation period, any comments received will be considered and where necessary changes to the SADPD may be made. A final Submission Draft will be prepared and a further period of consultation will be commenced. If there are further objections, an Examination In Public may be held. The document may then be formally Adopted and used in making planning decisions.