Site allocations development plan document (SADPD) issues and options consultation

Latest News: September 2011 - Please click here for a full schedule of comments received in the Issues and Options consultation.

SADPD Introduction

The SADPD is the latest document to be prepared as part of the Council's Local Development Framework that will replace the 2005 Local Plan. The SADPD follows on from the Core Strategy by taking its broad framework to find specific sites for development.

The Introduction chapter of the SADPD sets out its role and purpose in detail.

Unlike most previous planning document consultations where a draft is prepared and people are asked what they think of it, this time the consultation is seeking public opinion on a range of issues in advance of a document. In order to do this the document sets out the issues, and offers a range of options for solving the issues.

Download the document

Download the full document here

The SADPD Issues and Options is split in to three main parts:

1. District-wide issues

2. Settlement-specific issues

3. Other potential sites in the rural areas

Sustainability Appraisal Process

Alongside the Issues and Options paper itself are a range of supporting documents including a Sustainability Appraisal, Strategic Environmental Assessment, and Assessment under the Habitats Regulations (SA/SEA/HRA). These documents form part of the overall SADPD package and should be considered alongside the Issues and Options.



Formal Consultation is an integral part of planning policy development. It involved a ten-week period of consultation with partners and stakeholders. Consultation ran from Monday 10 January to Monday 21 March 2011 (and was then extended to 18 April (14 weeks)).


Consultation Statement - doc

Drop in sessions were held at the following times and locations:

  • Abbey Leisure, Selby - 15th February 3.30pm - 7pm
  • Sherburn library - 17th February 3.30pm - 7pm
  • Tadcaster Leisure Centre - 21st February 3.30pm - 7pm

Background Information and Evidence Base

Future Steps

Following the consultation period, any comments received will be considered by Officers and the first draft of the SADPD will be written. This will then be put before Policy & Resources Committee prior to another public consultation.

A final version of the SADPD will then be put before Policy and Resources Committee for approval and if there are further objections, an Examination In Public may be held. The document will be formally Adopted, then be used in making planning decisions.