Selby Treasures Online - Page 4

If you had to choose one special object for a Museum of Selby what would you choose and why?

This is the question we asked the people of Selby. The Selby Treasures exhibition, Selby Abbey January–February 2020, showcased some of the answers we received. From family history to national events, each object was selected for the story it told.

The connection between the object and the storyteller was captured by artist Simon Grennan, through his portraits of people both past and present holding their special objects. Sitting alongside the objects lent by local people were a selection of objects linked to Selby on loan from regional museums.

The exhibition attracted in the region of 2000 visitors and inspired many people to bring in their objects to share with us. To date we have recorded over 190 special objects relating to Selby. A small selection of these objects have been added to this website and the rest have been recorded for future reference.    

The brochure that guided visitors around the exhibition is available as a PDF file. Please click to download the Selby Treasures Brochure.  



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