Selby town design statement

The Selby Town Design Statement was formally adopted and approved as Supplementary Planning Guidance on the 9 March 2004 by the Council's Policy and Resources Committee.

The Design Statement provides a guide to the character of the town. It also makes recommendations on how to encourage new development that enhances and compliments what already exists.

As well as setting out a vision for the future of the town, the document contains design guidelines which will be adopted by Selby District Council as Supplementary Planning Guidance. It also has an action plan to help guide agencies towards delivering improvements in the town.

The Selby Town Design Statement can be viewed online. Because it is a large document, it has been divided into chapters to make it quicker to download. If you wish to download the complete document, please be aware that it is 5Mb in size.

Selby Town Design Statement

Selby Town Design Statement (by chapter)

Front Cover & Acknowledgements - pdf
Contents - pdf
The Vision - pdf
Selby Leads the Way - pdf
What Makes Selby Special - pdf
Character Areas - pdf
Selby: Now - pdf 1.2Mb
Selby: The Future - pdf
The Way Forward - pdf
Design Guidelines - pdf
Appendix A & Back Cover - pdf