Selby Homelessness Forum

Selby Homelessness Forum is a multi-agency meeting, run by Horton Housing along with the Council. It meets every quarter and is attended by a wide range of  organisations who work to prevent of homelessness. 

Topics discussed at the Forum vary, but include regular updates about the North Yorkshire Home Choice scheme and welfare reform issues along with guest speakers. Key updates are provided by the local agencies and statutory partners who attend.

The Forum shares good practice, updates about services and raises awareness of local services.

If you're interested in attending a Forum meeting, please contact Dawne Pierce ( or Vicky Stoker (

The terms of reference for the group can be found here.

Minutes of previous meetings

8 November 2021


28 January 2019


Horton Housing Update

23 July 2018

Horton Housing update

Commentary Overview for Q1

22 January 2018:


Homelessness ActionPlan - Update January 2018

Horton Housing Update

Overview for quarter 3 2017