Selby District Means Growth

The Selby district is a great place to do business because we’re right at the heart of Yorkshire, at the centre of the economic hubs of Leeds, Sheffield, York and Hull.  We’ve great road and rail connections to all the UK.  Our businesses can attract staff from a wide area and companies can distribute goods and services easily from a base with our district.

We’ve got big plans for opening up brand new business space.  It’s more affordable here than our neighbouring areas too, which means companies get more for their money.  Big developments in the pipeline include Sherburn2 and the redevelopment of Kellingley Colliery

We’ve got a really well-qualified local workforce.  Companies can recruit the skills they need within the local area, helping them to expand and grow.  We’ve got the highest predicted population growth in North Yorkshire, which means a growing local workforce to support companies who’re investing in new jobs.  For local retailers and service industries, it means a growing base of potential customers in the area.

We’re a great place to enjoy life, with a fantastic mix of vibrant market towns and picturesque villages.  Our area encapsulates England’s traditional green and pleasant land, but supported by 21st century connectivity and opportunities.

House prices here are lower than neighbouring urban areas.  We attract families, which helps to grow our workforce and population to support local retailers, services and industries.  We’re part of one of the safest counties in England.  We’re a great place for families to grow and people to stay for the long-term.  Our families benefit from a top quality education sector.  We’re home to one of the country’s leading further education colleges – ranked second overall in England.  Our primary schools consistently perform well, and we have a great quality independent school sector.

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