Selby District means business - Skills Network

The Skills Network, founded just eight years ago, has become one of the fastest-growing and most successful technology-based companies in the Selby district.  This enterprising company employs 800 staff, including 160 full-time staff in the Selby District.  The company has forged an excellent reputation on the global stage as one of the UK’s foremost providers of technology-enabled training and skills solutions.

In essence, the company wants to help all its clients to reach their potential by supporting educators, employers, local authorities and learners across the UK and internationally by developing and delivering effective and innovative skills training and published educational content.  The statistics are dazzling.  With multiple awards, working with over 5,000 organisations, over 450,000 users and 150 innovative online courses, the Skills Network’s aim of providing great training and development solutions for businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, is proving very effective and very popular indeed.