Selby District Local Plan (SDLP) 2005

The Selby District Local Plan (SDLP) was formally adopted on 8th February 2005. The Local Plan develops and underpins many of the aims and objectives of the Council. It provides a comprehensive land-use framework for promoting, co-ordinating and controlling future development.

As well as allocating land for new homes and jobs, the Plan promotes policies to protect the heritage of the District and to ensure the provision of affordable housing, open space, cycleways and other facilities.

Selby District Local Plan - 2005

The Core Strategy and 'Saved' SDLP policies make up the Local Plan for the District and need to be read alongside each other.

The Selby District Local Plan is split into 3 parts, these are available to view and download in the links below:

Please also refer to the development plan page which sets out all the documents which form the development plan for Selby District.

SDLP Policies - Currently in use

The document below sets out a comprehensive list of all SDLP (2005) policies still in use (Updated August 2019)

The document below identifies the status of all SDLP policies and identifies the Core Strategy Policy which replaces it, or whether the policy has expired (Updated August 2019)

The schedule of Saved and Expired policies and direction letter, and the schedule of policies replaced by the Core Strategy can be viewed here