Selby 950

2019 is set to be a big year as Selby celebrates 950 years since the town’s stunning Abbey was founded.

The wide variety of church and community events will include a bell peal, a living history day, fun days, bands in the park, dramatic presentations, singing festivals, exhibitions and much more. Among the highlights will be a carnival style parade to mark the Feast Day of the Abbey’s patron saint with music and movement, art and crafts on display to welcome to newly commissioned icon of St Germain; plus a light festival towards the end of the year when the Abbey will be illuminated over three evenings with a light work that will tell the story of the journey of a shining figure across land and water to the Abbey.

The town will see many other cultural events and activities throughout 2019, many of which have a strong heritage theme, with pop up museums and hidden histories showcased to residents and visitors to the area.