Schedule of responses to SADPD issues and options consultation

The Council would like to thank everyone who submitted comments to the SADPD Issues and Options consultation.

Everyone who responded has been given a unique reference number which will be used throughout the rest of the process. A schedule of all comments is available below so you can see what others have said. Personal identifiers have been deleted so please see this document to find out which number corresponds to which comment.

Complete list of responses with corresponding number - pdf

Please note that the original paper copy of comments are a public document (including printed copies of e-mails and Limehouse responses) and this does include personal identifiers.


Content of the representations schedule

Selby District Council accepts no responsibility for the content of the representations submitted to the Site Allocations DPD Issues and Options consultation (10 January - 18 April 2011), contained herein.

Representations are the views of the individual/organisation and may cause offence or distress. In order to allow free speech and just opinion and to carry out a full transparent consultation, Selby District Council has not censored the content of the representations.

Personal data on our website

To ensure each individual's personal data is secure on our website, The Council has made reasonable efforts to remove all personal identifiers (name, address, contact details and signatures) of individuals, but due to the format and quantity of representations, cannot guarantee that all identifiers have been removed. The Council cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or upset that this may cause.

Personal data on paper file

Please note that the paper master file of representations is a public document and personal details in this file will NOT be censored. You may view the paper master file and it may be possible to take photocopies of the representations. The Council's standard photocopying charge will be levied.


Anonymous representations cannot be considered valid, but are included in the schedule. If the original author would like to add their name and contact details they may be considered valid. Some representations are valid, but the contact details are unclear. As such the author may not be contacted.

Petitions are not shown on the website as all personal identifiers have been removed.