Reusable nappy scheme

New parents can apply for funding to help them buy resusable nappies.  

Parents can apply for £30 cashback when spending £50 on reusable nappies*.

By the time your baby is potty trained they could have had as many as 4,000 nappy changes. That amounts to over 3 billion disposable nappies thrown away each and every year. Disposable nappies take hundreds of year to degrade in landfill.

Real Nappies are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable nappies and can be reused again and again. They have become more popular in recent years as parents choose them to help them save money and reduce waste. The main issues have been letting new parents know about how easy they are to use.

Download our leaflet to apply for the cashback or fill in this form. If you compete the online form you must then send copies of your receipts (including delivery notes for online purchases) to or Contracts Team, Selby District Council, Doncaster Road, Selby, YO8 9FT.

*Conditions apply