Retail, Commercial and Leisure Study

In May 2009 Drivers Jonas LLP were commissioned by Selby District Council to prepare a detailed study of the retail (both food and non food), commercial and leisure sectors within the district.

The study provides an assessment of the need for further development for retail, commercial and leisure uses up to 2026 (to correspond with the proposed Local Development Framework period). It also assesses deficiencies in the current provision and the capacity of existing centres to accommodate new development.

The study will assist the Council in developing a sound framework through which policies and proposals can be formulated and provide a robust background against which decisions on major retail, commercial and leisure applications can be made.

The study is structured as follows:

  • A review of Retail, Commercial, and Leisure Planning Policies at a national, regional and local level;
  • A review of trends in the Retail, Commercial and Leisure Centres;
  • An examination of the influence of centres outside of the district on the shopping and leisure habits of residents, through a consideration of the survey results;
  • A description of the current health of the three main centres within the district: Selby, Tadcaster and Sherburn in Elmet;
  • An assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges for each of these centres, and their current vitality and viability;
  • An analysis of retail need and capacity for both convenience and comparison goods;
  • An analysis of commercial (class A2 and B1) need and capacity;
  • An analysis of leisure and recreation need and capacity;
  • An assessment of the implications of the findings on plan and policy making, and;
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

The full report has now been published and can be viewed below along with the corresponding appendices: