Residents' support

Access to shops and services - Saturday 21 September - Tadcaster

The town centre will be much busier than usual.  Please plan ahead, especially if you have an appointment booked or need to collect medicine from a pharmacy, for example.

Britannia car park (beside the bus station) will be closed on Saturday 21 September.  Central Area car park will remain open but we expect this to be extremely busy.  We strongly advise walking or cycling into Tadcaster town centre to watch the race or take part in the day. A number of roads will be closed in Tadcaster - we'll have a map to share with you shortly.

Bus services

There'll be diversions and changes to bus timetables for services to and from Tadcaster throughout Saturday 21 September.  Check bus operator websites for full details:

Friday 27 September

Bin collections

Whilst it may take a little longer to complete some bin and recycling collections on Friday 27 September, please continue to put out your household waste as normal.

There will be rolling road closures along the route during this day of racing.  We expect these to be around 45 minutes each time.  Please plan ahead and expect some delays.