Repairs and Maintenance

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Electrician fixing wires in a home

We know that our repairs service is one of the most important services provided to our tenants. Our responsive repairs policy. contains information regarding our overall principles, repair obligations, and timescales for carrying out repairs. It also explains what we are and are not responsible for.

Our aim is to provide a repairs service for you that:

  • Meets the highest standards expected by our customers.
  • Ensures the Health and Safety of our customers and the general public.
  • Is cost-effective.
  • Safeguards the future of the property.
  • Protects the environment.

To achieve this we will:

  • Carry out repairs quickly and in one visit if possible.
  • Respond quickly to Health and Safety issues. 
  • Arrange appointments to carry out work at a time to suit the customer.
  • Set a high standard of workmanship for our contractors and staff.
  • Listen to any problems that you have about repairs and try to put them right.

Repairs are categorised into the following groups:

Emergency: Emergency repairs are required to prevent a serious risk to health and safety.

These will be carried out within 24 hours.

Urgent: Urgent repairs are those that need attention but are no risk to health and safety.

These will be carried out within 5 days.

        Non-urgent: Non-urgent repairs are those that cause only minor inconvenience and have little effect on the property.

       These will be carried out in 25 day

Tenants responsibilities

There are a number of repairs which are the responsibility of our tenants to repair at their own cost. These include:

  • Broken window on property or outhouse – were tenants at fault
  • Internal decoration
  • Gaining access to property – following lost keys
  • Door knockers/bells
  • Fuse plugs on appliances
  • All bulbs and tubes
  • Connecting appliances to mains.

A full list of repairs, responsible parties, and timescales

Reporting repairs

The easiest way to report a repair is using our online repairs form. This should only be used for non-urgent repairs. You can also report a repair by:

  • phone: 01757 705101
  • email:
  • to your local Neighbourhood Officer 
  • to your local ward Councillor

For genuine emergencies there is an ‘out of hours’ service - please phone - 01653 600941

Please try and give us as much detail as possible. We may ask you several questions to find out more information to ensure we can record the correct repair and allocate it to the correct tradesperson.

Staff who visit you in your home carry identity cards. Ask to see identity cards before you let anyone into your home.

Plummer fixing a radiator

Annual gas safety inspection

We carry out annual gas inspections on its properties every year. We do this work to make sure that appliances are safe to use; therefore it is important that you allow us into your home, failure to do so may result in court action being taken against you. Prior to letting anyone into your property, always ask to see their identity badge.

Emergency situation

If you think there is a gas leak or burst water pipe, please contact the below emergency numbers:

  • Gas Emergency: 0800 111 999
  • Yorkshire Water: 0345 1 24 24 24

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