Rent payments for homes and garages

Internet payments (Housing Rents only)

Payment of housing rent can be made quickly, easily and securely via our payments page.

Direct Debit

Payments can be made directly from your bank or building society account. Please telephone (01757) 705101 for further details or complete the relevant mandate located in the link below:

Direct Debit payments are easier for you. You know exactly how much you'll be paying each week or month and only the money that's owed will be paid. Direct Debit is the most cost-effective way of managing payments, helping to keep costs down for every one.

Telephone payments

Payments can be made using your debit or credit card on our freephone number 0800 141 2855 (24 hours) or by contacting us on (01757) 705101.

Failure to pay

If you fail to pay your rent under the terms of your tenancy agreement you could lose your home. If legal action is taken to obtain a County Court Judgment you should be aware this will seriously affect your future ability to obtain credit. If you are having difficulties paying your rent please contact us to let us know. Failure to pay your garage rent will result in your garage tenancy being terminated under the terms of your tenancy. In many cases we will be able to help you and by making an early arrangement you may be able to avoid court proceedings and extra costs being incurred.

Rent Policy 2020

We are publishing a new Rent Policy for April 2020 in-line with our tenant’s rent changes. The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Ensure that Selby District Council rents are set in accordance with relevant statutory and regulatory obligations.
  • Ensure that rents are set at a level which ensures the Council meets its responsibilities to customers, maintains stock at a high standard, plans for future investment and continues to function as a financially viable organisation.
  • Protect Council tenants from excessive increases in rents.
  • Help ensure sub-market rents are being provided throughout the district to those in housing need.
  • Provide a clear framework for Selby District Council’s approach to setting Social and Affordable Rent on existing and new build Council dwellings and any property acquisitions that are assimilated into the Council’s housing stock.