Recycling consultation

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We’re considering changing the way we collect your recycling.

We first started collecting your recycling from separate boxes about 20 years ago.  This was because there were recycling plants close by that we could take material straight to.

Over the years we started to collect more materials and you can now recycle paper, cardboard, glass, cans and mixed plastics.  The way many councils now collect recycling has changed though, so it’s right that we look at what we do.  

There are two main options.  Either we keep the current kerbside box service or we give you wheelie bins for your dry recycling.

We pick up your recycling from three kerbside boxes.  This is about 165 litres of recycling space every fortnight.   We ask you to sort your recycling because we have to separate it and different materials get taken to different places to be recycled. This means our recycling is very high quality and we can get money from selling it.  If you live in a flat you may have different arrangements. 

If we kept collecting recycling in this way there would be no change to how much it costs to run the service.  But we’ve listened to you and we know that we can make some improvements.  

We could give you a wheelie bin for your recycling.  You’d put all your recycling in to this bin.  A wheelie bin would give you nearly 50% more room to recycle.

All the material we collect would go to one place.  The different types of recycling would be sorted there.  However, this means it’s more expensive to send it there and we may not get money from selling it.  Collecting recycling from wheelie bins is more efficient though, and we don’t need special wagons to collect it.

We know that many of you would like a wheelie bin for your recycling.  It’s easier to recycle and gives you more room.  It also means there’s less chance of recycling being blown around when it’s windy. Moving to this system would cost the Council more money. 

You may have seen in the news recently that the Government has launched their waste strategy.  This says it’s better not to collect paper and cardboard mixed with glass.  This is because tiny pieces of glass can get into the paper, making it harder to recycle.

Because of this we may choose to move to a two wheelie bin recycling system. With this system you would have one bin for paper and cardboard and one bin for glass, cans and plastics.  If the paper and cardboard was collected separately it would ensure that we had a high quality material that could be recycled easily.  We could also get money from selling the paper and cardboard.

Moving to this system may cost the Council less money.