Reclamation of derelict, neglected or unsightly land

Derelict, neglected or unsightly land can pose a number of problems to the people who live nearby, as well as to the community as a whole. Selby District Council can provide practical help and advice to combat the issues that can occur.

For public health issues, for example, if you see or suspect

  • used syringes
  • rats and other vermin
  • illegal flytipping or other dangers please contact Environmental Health.

If you suspect the land may be contaminated, please contact 01757 705101 or

If you are complaining about unsightly land, please contact - 01757 705101 or

They may have powers under s215 of the Town and Country Act to take action.

Empty/Derelict Buildings

If you are worried that a building may be in a dangerous state, please contact Building Control. This applies to both empty and occupied buildings.

If you have seen children entering the property or you are worried the empty property could be a danger to children, then we have the power to board up the premises. Contact Environmental Health for more information.