Recharge Policy

This document sets out the recharge policy for tenants (therein including licensees) of Selby District Council. Recharging relates to both former tenants in the form of void property recharges and current tenants in the form of repair recharges. This policy will set out what tenants may be charged for, how they will be identified and how they will be dealt with.

The Council’s Tenancy Agreement states that the tenant, those living with them and their visitors must take reasonable care to prevent damage to the property, decoration, fixtures and fittings, supplied furniture (if applicable), communal areas and neighbouring properties.

The Council recognises that the vast majority of tenants have high standards and will look after their homes. However, there are a small number who do not value their homes or take responsibility for ensuring they comply with the terms and conditions of their Tenancy Agreement relating to property standards. In line with this policy, the Council has the tools to be able to recharge those tenants who do not comply; and thereby help to keep rents and service charges low.

a full copy of of our Recharge Policy can be found here 


  • To proactively promote a responsible attitude from tenants towards their property through information and support and by ensuring that costs, where justified, are pursued from those who are negligent or deliberately cause damage.
  • To ensure rechargeable items are set out with transparency, clearly communicated and dealt with efficiently and fairly.
  • To maximise income via the recovery of debts owed relating to rechargeable items in the interest of both the Council and their tenants.