'Working together to prevent extremism'

What is the Prevent Strategy?

The 'PREVENT' strategy is one part of the UK counter terrorism strategy, known as 'CONTEST'.

The strategy focuses on early intervention and aims to reduce the likelihood of individuals supporting violent or extremist ideology, or becoming a terrorist.  'Prevent' applies to all forms of extremism, including far right extremism.

Our commitment

We will work with partners to deliver our District wide 'Prevent' action plan.  Delivering such a plan is a shared responsibility.  Therefore a wide group of organisations are integrated in to the delivery plan.  Close work with North Yorkshire County Council and the North Yorkshire Police has led to a coordinated training programme for all SDC’s staff and contractors.

Prevent training opportunities

Training for voluntary and community groups may be provided by Selby District Council.  Requests for training should be sent to

We will support our local communities and institutions, enabling them to recognise, challenge and reject extremism. We will support vulnerable individuals, by assisting them to turn away from extremism.

How to report suspicious activity 

No one is better placed, than members of the public, to notice extremist activity within their own community.  It is not enough though to rely on others. 

Anyone who suspects such behaviour should report their suspicions, by telephone, to the Police on 101 or to the Confidential Anti Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

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