Preferred Options Local Plan - Site Assessments

Site Assessment Methodology

The site assessment methodology has been produced to assess the suitability of land for allocation in the Local Plan. It has been used to assess all types of potential development sites including those for housing, employment and retail that have been submitted through the Call for Sites process, which took place between September 2019 and September 2020. It will help to identify which sites are the most sustainable, financially viable and deliverable as well as inform decisions on which sites to allocate in the Local Plan. To view the Site Assessment Methodology click on the link below:

Site Assessment Database

The site assessment database assesses the 412 sites submitted through the Call for Sites process and assesses all sites using the questions in the Site Assessment Methodology, which is available to view above. To view the site assessment database, click on the link below:

Individual Site Profiles

Each of the 412 sites assessed for the Preferred Options Local Plan can be viewed in the form of individual site profiles. To view the individual site profiles, click on the link below:

Appendix D to Site Assessment Methodology

Appendix D sets out the accessibility scoring information for questions 2.1 to 2.2 of the Site Assessment Methodology. To view this appendix, click on the link below: