Planning and design guides

Policy advice

Our planning policy team provides advice and assistance to developers, organisations, parish councils and the public about planning policy and environmental issues, and helps to ensure that we are correctly applying national and local planning policies. We publish supplementary planning guidance and development briefs which give detailed information about the implementation of Local Plan policies.

We work in partnership with other organisations such as the county council and the Environment Agency to develop strategies and influence investment plans. This includes the local Transport Plan, cycleway strategies and flood defence strategies. We also work with local groups who want to produce village design statements.

Supplementary planning guidance

Supplementary planning guidance provides more detailed guidance on the way in which policies in the Local Plan will be applied in particular circumstances. Although the guidance does not form part of the Local Plan, it is subject to public consultation. Our supplementary planning guidance reflects our priorities towards the provision of affordable housing and recreation open space. For example, the lack of affordable housing for both rent and sale is an area of concern within Selby district. Therefore, we are committed to helping local people who are experiencing difficulties in buying or renting.

The supplementary planning guidance will ensure that developers allow for affordable housing on those sites put aside in the plan for housing (and all sites larger than one hectare). This is done by looking at the levels of demand identified in the Local Plan and the recent Housing Needs Assessment.

Supplementary planning guidance for recreation and open space will make sure that developers will provide open space in accordance with our standards. See our page for the recreation open space strategy.