PLAN Selby - sites and policies local plan

Latest Update

On 17 September 2019 Council gave approval for work to begin on the preparation of a new comprehensive Local Plan, as a result progress on the Site Allocations Local Plan was halted indefinitely, to find out more click on the link to the new Local Plan.

What Was PLAN Selby?

PLAN Selby was the Sites and Policies Local Plan which we were developing to deliver the strategic vision outlined in the Core Strategy (adopted in 2013). PLAN Selby when adopted would of formed part of the Local Plan for the District against which planning applications would be assessed.

PLAN Selby was to incorporate site allocations to promote the growth needs of the District and site specific designations and policies to manage other development proposals. Details of the preperation of the various stages of that draft plan and its supporting evidence base can be seen at the links below.

Plan Selby Consultation

Plan Selby Evidence Base