PLAN Selby Focussed Engagement

PLAN Selby – Focussed Engagement ‘Let’s Talk PLAN Selby’

29 June 2015 – 10 August 2015

The Focussed Engagement consultation undertaken between 29 June and 10 August 2015 follows the 2000+ representations received during the Initial Consultation and aims to allow us to:

  • Understand these comments in more detail;
  • Talk about issues and options arising; and
  • Seek your views on a number of draft studies before they are finalised.

We discussed these matters with local community representatives and business, other stakeholders and neighbouring authorities at venues across the District.

We also invited all interested parties to use the internet to discuss and comment on various pieces of work we are undertaking to support PLAN Selby. We invited comments on various questions relating to the emerging evidence base. Your responses are available to view below: