Pilgrim will create an allegory of water and land in the form of a dramatic video projection that unfolds on the front elevation of Selby Abbey. Pilgrim is about what it means to represent and experience light in architecture and landscape. It will tell the story of an imagined pilgrimage by following the journey of a shining figure from the sea, across the land and waterways to Selby Abbey. Through a spellbinding, mesmeric layering of sound and moving image the work will explore ideas of time and place.

There will be no beginning or end. Instead the audience will see often familiar places, sometimes themselves, morph into architectures of light and movement. Like ripples across still water, clear reflections of place will be disturbed. Abstract images will unfold into recognizable places and, at the speed of a breath, dissolve again; disappearing only to reappear somewhere else in another form.

The monumental condensation towers at Drax power station, the river Ouse, the glacial traces of the Humberhead Levels (and its medieval communication networks), a human breath, will all bring the specific qualities of the local landscape into the centre of a more universal symbolic work.

The artwork will combine live performance, recorded footage (made during a period of residency in Selby) and interactive live video captured during the presentation of the work. Through this live production, each moment will be a unique confluence of the materials developed in the residency, the movement of the audience and the activity of the performance.

The artist, Nayan Kulkarni, will give talks to Selby College Art & Design students during the development and making of Pilgrim.

The free event will take place over three nights - 22-24 November 2019.

Made possible by sponsorship from Drax Group Plc and money raised by National Lottery players, Arts Council England have awarded significant funding from their National Lottery Project Grants programme, to Selby District Council to deliver a programme of arts and heritage events to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the founding of Selby Abbey.