Pet shop licence

Licence summary

To run a business selling pet animals you need a licence from your local authority. This includes all commercial selling of pet animals, including pet shops and businesses selling animals over the internet. A person who runs a pet shop within Selby district must be licensed by Selby District Council.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants for a pet shop licence must not be disqualified from keeping a pet shop. The fees for 2018/19 are £164.90 and the cost of a vet inspection for the first application, and £119.60 (plus vet inspection) for a renewal.

Regulation summary

Pet Animals Act 1951 as amended by the Pet Animals Act 1951 (Amendment) Act 1983 - A Summary of the Regulation of this Licence.

Please also read our Standard Licence Conditions for Pet Shops - pdf.

Application evaluation process

We will renew the licence annually after an inspection by Environmental Health staff who make sure:

  • Animals are kept at all times in accommodation suitable for size, temperature, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness.
  • Animals are adequately supplied with suitable food and drink and visited at suitable intervals.
  • Animals are sold at an appropriate age.
  • Precautions are taken to prevent the spread of disease.
  • All necessary fire precautions have been taken.

Conditions can be attached to a licence to ensure that the above are complied with.

Will tacit consent apply?

No. It is in the public interest that Selby District Council must process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from us within 14 days, please contact us.

Apply for a licence

Online application form

Pet Shop Application Form - doc

Failed application and complaints

Please contact us if you wish to appeal a refused application or have a complaint about our service. Any applicant who is refused a licence can appeal to their local magistrates' court.

To find out further information please contact our licensing section using our online enquiry form.

Trade associations

Pet Care Trust (PCT)

List of licensed pet shops

The following petshops are licensed in the Selby District:

  • Selby Garden Centre, Hull Road, Osgodby, Selby, Tel 01757 708658.
  • Crows Auctions, Londesborough Yard, Selby, North Yorkshire.
  • A19 Koi & Pond Supplies, Bell Farm, Riccall Road, Escrick.
  • Pets at Home, Unit C1, Three Lakes Retail Park, Bawtry Road, Selby.
  • Ranchu Aquatics, 6 Brook Street, Selby.
  • Too Hoots Nurseries, Hirst Road, Carlton.
  • The Fish Shop, 29 Willow Gardens, Selby, YO8 8SH.  0787 1966 469.