Pavement consents

Temporary Pavement Licences until 30th September 2023

A pavement licence allows businesses such as cafes, restaurants, and bars to place removable furniture over certain highways adjacent to the premises for which the application was made for certain purposes.

To support businesses, the Government has introduced a more streamlined licensing process for temporary outdoor seating areas to be permitted on the Highway.  This is a fast-tracked system, and the Council will determine the application within 14 days of receipt.  This includes a 7-day public consultation with relevant parties.

Download the government's guidance for pavement licences, there are also conditions attached to each licence, please see below for more details on these.

What type of furniture is permitted?

  • The furniture must be removable, not a permanent fixture, robust and be able to be moved away easily and stored away on an evening.
  • The licensable area must be defined with a boundary railing with both a hand and tapping rail to assist people with impaired vision to recognise the perimeter.
  • The licence is for tables, chairs, stalls, and barriers only.  Notwithstanding the definition of furniture under section 9.1 of the Act, no parasols, heaters, or lighting will be permitted.

A pavement licence only permits the placing of furniture on the highway.  It does not override the requirements to have the correct licence or food registration in place.

How do I apply or renew for 2022/23 permits?

Download the application form for a temporary pavement consent until 30th September 2023

Application Form for 2023

The application and required additional documentation will need to be emailed to: 

Only emailed applications can be accepted.  A 'valid' application must include all the following documents to be able to progress to the public consultation:

  • Written confirmation from neighbouring premise (if applicable)
  • Photographs, brochures or scaled drawings showing design, dimensions, colour and materials of proposed tables, chairs
  • Public Liability Insurance for £5,000.000 (five million pounds)
  • A plan of the proposed pavement area (plan requirements)
  • Copy of your risk assessment for serving food and drink in the pavement area

There is no fee payable.

Once the application has been received the licensing team will contact you to advise if the application is valid or if there are any of the above items missing. If documents are missing we will not be able to progress with the consultation until these have been received.

You will then need to display a notice on the premises for the consultation period of 7 days (the consultation begins the day after submission of a 'valid' application). Download the notice.

At the end of the consultation period, the Council has a further 7 days to consider the grant.  If there are representations received during the consultation period the application may be refused, or additional conditions attached.

After affixing the notice on the premises do I need to do anything else?

Yes you will need to provide photographs by email of the notice affixed to the premises to the Licensing department at Selby District Council at the following address: 

Who do we consult with?

We consult with the following agencies and departments as part of the consultation process:

  • Highways
  • Planning
  • Environmental Health
  • North Yorkshire Police Licensing
  • North Yorkshire Police Operations Planning
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • Enforcement
  • Selby Vision
  • Selby District Disability Forum
  • Local Parish Councils

Is there an appeal procedure to the decision?


How long will the licence last?

All pavement consents issued by the Council under the temporary legislation will expire on the 30th September 2023.

What are the conditions of the licence?

Click here for a full list of the licence conditions (minus any additional conditions that may be imposed following representations)