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Kellington Primary School

Register of Interests

Please click on the following link to see the registers for all the councillors relating to this parish.

Register of Interest

Parish Council - 7 Seats

For information relating to the Parish Council meetings please take a look at the Kellington Parish Council website using the link below.

Visit the Kellington Parish Council website.


Janet Smith - 19 Water Garth, Kellington, DN14 0PA - Tel: 01977 662809 or 07808 574684 E-mail:


John McCartney - Details below.


Alison Hardie - Chelfonts, Main Street, Kellington DN14 0NE Tel: 07803 894713 E-mail:

John McCartney - 15 Hawthorn Garth, Kellington DN14 0PB Tel:01977 662558 E-mail:

Mary McCartney - 15 Hawthorn Garth, Kellington, Goole, DN14 0PB Tel: 01977 662558

Kath Newton (Vice Chair) - 6 Barrington Garth, Kellington, DN14 0NG Tel:01977 662749 E-mail: