Parish Councils

The whole of Selby district is divided into 74 separate parishes. Each parish is made up of the local government electors for that area.

Most parishes have a Parish Council, made up of parish councillors who are usually elected for a four-year term of office (the next Parish Council elections will be in May 2023). Some parishes have joined with neighbouring parishes to form a joint Parish Council, and some Parish Councils have chosen to be known as Town Councils. Those parishes that do not have a Parish Council will hold Parish Meetings - the main difference being that instead of electing parish councillors to make decisions, decisions are made at meetings of all local government electors in the parish.

There are 59 Parish Councils in the Selby district, 3 of which are called Town Councils (Selby, Tadcaster and Barlby & Osgodby). There are 8 parishes that do not have a Parish Council; these are called Parish Meetings. This is the most local form of governance in England

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Find out about our Councillors' Code of Conduct and how to make a complaint if you believe a councillor has breached the code of conduct.